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Because of the economic downturn and cascading repercussions in jobs, market growth, and professional opportunities, we are receiving more and more requests for help in job search, career path planning, and life planning. People need more tools than ever to clarify where they want to go and figure out how to get there. And, these days, people don’t have extra cash to get access to such tools. We think this is the time to give some things away. Click here for more information!



Communication, Change, Culture, Teams


At Waters & Associates we inspire and equip people to connect with meaning at individual, team, and organization-wide levels. We deliver results-based keynotes, workshops, seminars, retreats, and organizational interventions.


Our Strengths
We maximize growth and performance – excellent, not average, is our measure. Our consultants are bridge-builders for people with differences – of background, goals, perspective, beliefs. Powerful speakers, we bring energy, optimism, and positivity to our work with others. We are strategic coaches and facilitators, seizing learning opportunities and helping clients discover their own wisdom and strengths. We specialize in helping teams and organizations optimize the change experience, rather than endure it. Waters & Associates consultants are catalysts for connection, communication, and change.


Methods and Approaches
We have a deep toolbox, using a variety of presentation, coaching, learning, and facilitation approaches, including dialogue, e-learning, virtual meetings, Open Space, Future Search, Appreciative Inquiry, improvisational theatre, reflective journaling, movement/body work, simulations/games, music, metaphor, art, and other non-traditional methodologies. Our presentations are highly interactive, allowing audiences to explore, experience, and internalize new ways of thinking and engaging.


Technology, Analysis, and Systems Theory
Waters & Associates consultants possess a strong background in research and analysis in applied settings, with experience in assessing workplace culture related to intercultural and international barriers, conflict, morale, communication, employee respect and dignity, and other interpersonal issues. We have practical experience and education in the use of technology solutions for human problems. We place special emphasis on developing program evaluation methodologies for measuring ROI (Return on Investment) of our interventions (e.g., leadership development, team building). Our analysis and research work is framed in systems theory, in recognition of the need to maximize both differentiation and integration in order to support the conversation of data to information to knowledge to wisdom.


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